FeatureJune 25, 2024
Stray dog causes chaos for property owners; original owner tracks down the new, unresponsive adopters. Lessons learned on pet rehoming and the importance of responsible ownership. Full report on Bollinger County Stray Project.

Last week a female Golden- Lab mix camped at a home who didn’t have dogs and didn’t want any. This stray suddenly took interest in their chickens, so in this heat they had to keep them locked up and it was dangerous for the poultry, while annoying and frustrating for the property owners.

Why should their livestock suffer over a stray dog they don’t want?

That is what I often hear. The actions of a pet owner dumping a pet cause a lot of grief and in some cases, danger towards the pets and livestock of others.

I placed photos of the dog on our Facebook (FB) page and through the magic of sharing, a Cape Girardeau couple called me. “That is my dog,” Brandye M. said. “I had posted her for free on a couple sites and a family from Marble Hill responded. I gave her to them.”:

She had given the dog to a Stephen R. and his wife who own a German Shepherd dog. They responded for the dog on FB and Brandye never did a vet reference check. Didn’t get their phone number either. They got Brandye’s dog in early May after meeting part way.

I received the call for the stray Mid June.

The name of the stray was Mirabell. Mirabell was found a few miles from the new owners, so it seems she may have been dumped because she was in good health, but she was scratching for ticks and fleas confirmed after a vet visit and skin scrap test. She had lost some fur on her chest and by her butt.

Brandye recognized Mirabell by a colic on her neck, a very unique birth “tattoo”.

Brandye tried to contact Stephen R by FB and he wouldn’t respond.

Shame on the Stephen family. They should have contacted the original owner if the dog was not working out. Meribell has resource issues with other dogs. She protected Brandye’s autistic child from the other dogs in that family. The result were dog fights.

She loved that child too much.

Often dogs put in stressful situations, like a new home with kids or another alpha dog, can have some issues too.

The lessons in this story are to not give your pet to just anyone. Screen them to learn if they are indeed responsible (and honest).

Don’t just hand over the dog. Bring the dog to meet that family and their pets. If they have issues take your pet home.

Get their phone numbers, keep in contact for a while.

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A free pet is easier to dump or starve then one they paid money for.

Note that in this economy, it is very hard to find a pet a new home, so start early, give yourself time to find that better home for a pet.

Lastly, reconsider breeding pets and small livestock like goats and poultry in this economy. Feeding and vetting them is so expensive and people are cutting down on inventory and bills where ever they can.

Dogs held for other rescues (2):

n Two Aussie/Great Pyrenees type mix pups that were abandoned in Bollinger County, now age 7 months.

Return to owner (0), placed in other rescues or foster (0) or adopted (1).

n A stray Golden Retriver and Lab mix was rehomed to a Marble Hill family.

Dogs with erlichia or heartworm (0), special needs (0), or euthanized (0):

n None.

Lost, found, and pets needing homes:

n Five-six adult cats need homes from Advance MO.

n Several dogs listed on our Facebook page also on the two Bollinger County “What’s Happening” pages, that are found or missing. IF you don’t have FB call us so we can try to match lost pets.

Miscellaneous and contact info:

We were caring for 18 dogs and pups at our home 6/23/24. If you have a stray camping out in the yard don’t wait. Call us at 573-722-3035 or cell 573-321-0050.

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