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Discover how Bollinger County Caring Council is making a difference with new community programs, health initiatives and employment opportunities. Get the latest updates from the council's recent meeting and learn about upcoming events.
By Kristy Mayfield
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Bollinger County Caring Council met at 8 a.m. Friday, May 10, in the conference room of University of Missouri Extension-Bollinger County in Marble Hill with the following in attendance: Sue Brewer, BCCC chairman, Salvation Army; Debbie McFarland, EMAA; Stephanie Wall, BCCC treasurer, BoCo Health Center; Candy Wilfong, BCCC vice chairman, Crown Hospice; Juanita Welker, BoCo Health Center; Becky Hobeck, United Access; Erin Cook, BoCo Health Center; Nikki Wolfe, Southeast Prevention Resource Center; Michele Moon, Birthright of Marble Hill; Amber Brookins, United Way; Kristy Mayfield, BCCC secretary; Liz Yokley, Aging Matters; Cathy Trentham, Workforce Development; Jessie Green, Safe House for Women; Kristy Hawkins, Community Counseling Center; and Sarah Barks, MU Extension.

  • Guest speaker: Becky Hobeck, sales and rental coordinator at United Access in Cape Girardeau, was the guest speaker for the meeting. United Access sells wheelchair-accessible vehicles as well as adaptations to regular vehicles. It also has a rental program offering rentals by the day/weekend. In addition, United Access can do inspections on lifts and motors; work with vocational rehabilitation to help customers; and may be able to assist with finding financial help when needs arise. United Access offers a discount to veterans.
  • Introduction of all parties present: BCCC Chairman Sue Brewer requested that all members introduce themselves and highlight new programs they may be working on or have available, as well as employment opportunities.
  • Amber Brookins, United Way 211, Greater St. Louis Area: United Way 211 Services is a referral program to help people find information and resources. It is currently working to find cooling centers that will be available during the summer heat.
  • Cathy Trentham, Workforce Development: Smart Money and Skill-Up programs are being offered to help participants with retaining employment and building savings plans. Program participants that meet qualifications and build savings can lead to matched funds on savings. For information, call (573) 334-0990, ext. 304.
  • Erin Cook, BoCo Health Center: Bollinger County Health Center offers car seat inspections from child passenger safety technicians. For an inspection appointment, call (573) 238-2817. Back-to-school clinics for vaccinations will be held during the summer. Watch for updates on Facebook and website for Bollinger County Health Center.
  • Kristy Hawkins, Community Counseling Center: She provided an update on Mental Health Awareness Month (May.) Community Counseling Center (CCC) recently has rebranded its logo for the celebration of its 50-year anniversary. Partners of the year have been chosen. Diana’s Boarding Home was No. 1 for Bollinger County. There is a zoom/virtual program now offered for suicide bereavement on the third Wednesday of every month. CCC hours in Marble Hill are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thursday.
  • Michele Moon, Birthright of Marble Hill: She is currently planting a summer garden at the facility for participants. Birthright of Marble Hill serves 50 to 70 families each month.
  • Debbie McFarland, EMAA: Summer funding became available June 1 for those who qualify. The new office location is 606 Highway 34 West. The phone number is (573) 238-4220.
  • Nikki Wolfe, Southeast Prevention Resource Center: She is wrapping up the year and needs assessments.
  • Jessie Green, Safe House for Women: Safe House for Women is gearing up for the Oct. 12 fashion show. More information will follow.
  • Juanita Welker, BoCo Health Center and LTRC: Summer dates for students to get vaccines are available. For information and appointments, call (573) 238-2817. She provided an update on Long Term Recovery Committee activities.
  • Sarah Barks, MU Extension, community health coordinator: She is working on needs assessment. MU Extension needs assessment survey is currently open.
  • Liz Yokley, Aging Matters: She is promoting area nutrition centers with commercials; partnering with area dentists to assist with dental needs; and assisting seniors, age 60 and over, with prescription drug costs.
  • Sue Brewer, Salvation Army: She is assisting with coupons for lice kits for families in need. Referrals are taken through daycares, Head Start, Bollinger County Health Center and school nurses.
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Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be at 8 a.m. Friday, July 12, in the conference room of University of Missouri Extension-Bollinger County.

KRISTY MAYFIELD is secretary for Bollinger County Caring Council.

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