ReligionMay 29, 2024
Explore a medley of musings from balloons to savings tips, the power of prayer, and simple life hacks. Dive into Larry L. Bollinger's reflections to brighten your day.
Larry Bollinger column (WHAT DO YOU THINK?)
Larry Bollinger
Larry Bollinger

I could not settle on one central theme for this column, so I decided to throw a few different thoughts your way. Therefore, you are getting some of this and some of that for your consideration today. Hoping you will find something that will spark your interest, and maybe even get that old gray matter up there in your head thinking about a few things.

Let’s start with balloons. I like red balloons. But if you like another color, just go ahead and use the color of your choosing. You now have two balloons of your liking: one you blow up and tie a knot in the end, and the other you fill from a tank of helium. From an outward appearance, they both look identical. However, if you hold one in each hand and then let them go, one will rise and the other will sink. What a difference in performance there is between the balloon filled with air and the one filled with helium. Question: Are you putting Jesus Christ (or something else) into your balloon? It will make a difference in your performance!

How is your savings account doing? Is it nonexistent or doing poorly? Are you concerned it will not be adequate for retirement, or old age, when you are no longer able to work? Suggestion: Consider that your savings is a bill every month and not something that is left over when all of the other bills are paid. Try putting your savings bill with the rest of your bills each month. Find a way to get into the habit of paying your savings bill each month. A little bit is OK, but remember: It is a monthly bill and must be paid. If you are unable to pay your monthly bills, stay away from credit cards and seek help. Find a way to throw away the shovel and not dig a deeper hole for yourself!

Hate the sin but love the sinner. This is often an issue that is very hard, almost impossible at times, to accomplish. In fact, it can be very painful, but let’s keep working daily on this task, remembering always and fixing in our minds what Jesus Christ did for all sinners.

Prayer is a subject or act that is hard to define fully. However, I feel many would agree that it is a powerful method of communicating with our God. We hear or say prayers at church, at home, etc. Some are for God, some are for us, and some are directed to other people or issues. Some prayers are silent and appropriate for many different reasons. I like to think of prayer as just sitting down with God and talking it out. Do you need to talk to God about an issue? If so, consider doing it today. Right now is a good time to start talking it out with God.

In my way of thinking, being a Christian is a lifestyle. When we learn something that would be of benefit to our neighbor, we should pass it on. Here’s a tip that I read about the other day. Have you ever wrestled with getting those sticky labels off a container that you would like to keep? I have found that WD-40 works pretty well on containers for the shop. However, that probably isn’t such a good idea for a side-dish container that you are planning to take to a potluck dinner at church. Try this: Rub mayonnaise on the labels and then soak them in warm water. The labels will peel right off.*

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Laughter is like a windshield wiper; it doesn’t stop the rain, but allows us to keep going.*

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and leave the rest to God.*

Maybe you could add some of your own “this and that” to the list and pass them on to another person this week.

What do you think?

(*Items taken from Our Iowa magazine, April/May 2024 edition.)

LARRY L. BOLLINGER is a former Patton resident now living in Ballwin.

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