NewsJuly 9, 2024
Bollinger County Recycling Center's efficiency overhaul led to a record trailer load in June. With new hires and grant-funded office expansion on the horizon, join the board in August to shape the future of recycling.

Happy 4th of July (belated)

Fellow Recyclers,

We loaded a trailer on June 21. It was packed! It Included 23 bales of #1 plastic, along with other stuff. That equals approximately 230 gaylords! From start to finish it took only 90 minutes to load. Now that Allen has re-organized the center, loading is quicker and more efficient. We anticipate we will be ready for another trailer in the fall.

If all goes according to plans, we will have three trailers sent out this year. Amazing!!

We continue to work with our potential new worker, who seems very interested in the job. Now we have to get all the paper work through MERS-Goodwill. We hope to have him started in the next month.

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The Solid Waste District has approved this year's grant amount. The money to expand the office was included in this amount. We hope to start building soon. We will put out a call for volunteers with building skills soon.

Don't forget that we have board elections coming up in August. Seriously think about joining the board and being part of the decision making to move recycling forward. Come to the July meeting and check things out.

Our July meeting will be one week earlier this month. We will meet on Tuesday, July 16, at the Extension office, at 6:30 p.m.

PAULA BRIDGES is chairman of Bollinger County Recycling Board of Directors.

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